woensdag 7 oktober 2015

Me in this lost world of the Andes Mountains

Iliana, the craziest thing

Mum and neighbour

Land farming with pico's 
I spend 3 days in a Quechuan family in the Andes mountains of Peru!!
This was maybe the best experience of my whole life. 
Best fish ever straight out the river

I didn't knew what to expect from living cut out of the world without electricity or even running water. In fact those people are much more happy than the one I met in the cities like Lima or Cuzco. I couldn't imagine myself living like this because I am used to the European lifestyle, however, I think it's the best way to learn the real pleasures of life and enjoy quiet and nature. 
Another reality I realized is the physical work people and children have to do to survive. The land is worked from the early morning till late in the evening. This is the father's and the children's (14, 11 and 7 years old) job. Despite, the children didn't complain about it.

BUT there's a little problem... Not far from them in the city of Espinar is set the evil metal mine Glencore. They exploit the ground and extract the most dangerous metals witch causes disastrous consequences for the surrounding population. 
It's disgusting and sad to know that an European (Switzerland) mine is settled there and exploits the Peruvian soils for the money, without caring on people's diseases due to it. 
Corruption and money... a never ending story :(


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