dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Pull & bear dress

What do you guys think of mijn new dress? I don't want to be narcissistic but I think I look great in that dress, but everyone must do. Haha I remember I spent my last euro's on it in Madrid.

I am watching 'The firm' with Tom Cruise right now, then I will study and after it I will go to bed for a good night; last night I had such a cool dream in which I could drive.

Dress - Pull & Bear
Necklace - Pull & Bear
Boots - Ken
Tights - Veritas


donderdag 7 maart 2013


Hier j'ai eu une belle journée; j'ai revu une amie d'enfance et donc on avait plains de trucs à se raconter et ça fait vraiment du bien de se revoir.

Ik heb een heel mooie dag gehad gisteren; ik heb een vriendin teruggezien van toen ik klein was en we hadden superveel te vertellen en dat deed echt deugt om mekaar terug te zien.

Häagen dazssssssss

Grand Place de Bruxelles


dinsdag 5 maart 2013


écharpe - ZARA
blazer - H&M
pantalon - MEXX
studded boots - KEN

I made this post actually in 2012 but I've forgot to post him and he's not the only one (héhé I got a life too after blogging).
Tomorrow I am going to the opera for Lucrezia Borgia. I think it goes about a woman who kills her sun by accident, It  must be something like that, I will see.



vrijdag 1 maart 2013

Ear cuff

I have a new ear cuff from Six. He's discreet and enter in my piercing witch can be dangerous because I've already hooked up on something wat was very painful. But anyway... I like him.