maandag 27 mei 2013

One day in Paris

Hello dear people of the world. Hi went to Paris already 10 days ago (I hadn't the time to post), and it was great!! It was the first time I've seen it so I was pretty exited. We expected bad weather but no, we had sun all day long without that shitwind like we have in Belgium.

That is supposed to be me

New french friend !

Stupidoes @La tour Eiffel

me overdoing


zondag 12 mei 2013

Dark weekend

I feel a little down since yesterday... There has been a car accident with people I know from my childhood. They came home after a birthday party and where 7 in the car. Madyline, the girlfriend of the conducteur, died, and Florine has something on her cervical. 
I know Madyline from a long time ago when I did dance lessons and Florine from the diction classes, and even if I don't have see them since all that time, it gets me blue. Yesterday I talked with girls who are in her school and even had lessons with Mady, and they where in shock. On facebook I only see pictures or memories for her, and this morning at the bakery we where also talking about her. I needed to write this because I think to much at it, certainly now it is mother's day, all my due respect to the families and friends. And shit.. she was only 17 :'o  


dinsdag 7 mei 2013


Woop woop! I've got my tickets for Pukkelpop, a Belgian music festival. It is the first time I'll go to it so I am very exited. I would do all the summer holidays long  festivals, but I don't have the money for it! And I still don't have a jobstudent  :(

Chemise - ZARA
Blazer - H&M
Pants - Bershka
Ballerinas - ZARA
earcuff - New Look


maandag 6 mei 2013


 For my latin studies, we went to Trier with school, Germany's oldest city! It is nice to visit once in your life surtenly if you like old latin vestigations, but infact I fond it was a boring day... We had to wake up on 04:00 am, it was could, it was raining, our teacher was in a bad mood... you know, I had the feeling that it isn't such a pretty city. But it is! I already have had that feeling when I went to Germany. The first time That I went is was very bad weather but the second time very shinning, so than I really enjoyed it! 

Cato - Charlotte - me 

And I forgot to take an umbrella with me! 

Not all the pictures are taken by me, the most beautiful ones are from other pupils who put them on facebook. But I hope you enjoyed them!


zondag 5 mei 2013


I found this post in all my messages, and like it is a very long time ago that I haven't post an outfit post, I fought it would be time for it! In fact I hesitated to destruct this post or just to post him, because he is not really good I fink. But yeah, I should take again outfit pictures.

knit - Pull and bear
pants - ZARA
shoes - Stradivarius
necklace - H&M