zondag 12 mei 2013

Dark weekend

I feel a little down since yesterday... There has been a car accident with people I know from my childhood. They came home after a birthday party and where 7 in the car. Madyline, the girlfriend of the conducteur, died, and Florine has something on her cervical. 
I know Madyline from a long time ago when I did dance lessons and Florine from the diction classes, and even if I don't have see them since all that time, it gets me blue. Yesterday I talked with girls who are in her school and even had lessons with Mady, and they where in shock. On facebook I only see pictures or memories for her, and this morning at the bakery we where also talking about her. I needed to write this because I think to much at it, certainly now it is mother's day, all my due respect to the families and friends. And shit.. she was only 17 :'o  


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