zaterdag 16 november 2013

Schoolday outfit

Jacket, pants, ballerina's : ZARA
Pull, jewels : Bershka

Hello people
This is my first oofd video! It was fun to do, so I think I will do it again but later... I got so much work and all kind of stuff to do that I forgot a little bit that I have a blog.
But anyways, E.X 

vrijdag 8 november 2013


Doodmoe Cato ! :D

Hey guys !! I just wanted to show you some pictures of the Pukkelpop festival, witch was in fact 2 months ago, but is still so present in my mind..
with CATO <3

But I also wanna meld you my dear readers that I'm back on Nougathoney so stay tuned and blablabla...


zaterdag 3 augustus 2013

Lisboa pictures !!!

finally some time to make a post about it! But yeah, you know summer makes lazy...

Me urgently need to piss
healthy break :)
at Jeronimos
Palace de Queluz
Indian food at Cascais = miam miam miam and not expensive!!!
Cristo reis <3
Getting inked
The result !

beautiful roofs

Praça de comercio

view from the Castello de San Jorge

Pasteleria de Belem


deep metro

cute houses

With Julian, our guide who brought us to Cascais, Sintra and Estoril
If you go to Lisboa check out their site:

This was an expensive salad that really pissed me off, because I expected something more...
In fact because we had nothing included like breakfast or diner at the hotel, we spend a lot of money on food. The first days it's okay: you eat almost nothing and spear money. But after 5 days you feel that your body needs something consistent, this is why we went to restaurants for our last 3 days.

I really recommend Lisboa as city trip, because it's like an open air museum!
I enjoyed it and learned much of thing (like always when you travel) but now my money is all spent so I can't do much in the month of August...

Hope you have a nice holiday !!!


woensdag 17 juli 2013

à croquer comme une pomme

 I'm back from Lisboa ! It was a great great GREAT trip with a lot of fun and sun.
But on my way back home I've became very sick and after 2 days my mother decided to send me to the hospital. Now three days later I came out of it again full of energy.
Like my sister directly after Lisboa is gone to Marseille, I have to wait for the camera to put the pictures on my laptop.

This is an outfit post I made like before the exams so still foolish in school stress...

Boots - Steve Madden
Short - Pull & Bear
T-shirt - ZARA
Vest - H&M


dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Bye bye Belgium cuz I'm leaving

I'm leaving for an amazing trip of 9 days to Lisbonne with my sister!
 We've got a lot of fun when we are travelling alone with each other, so we hope it will be nice again. When I see pictures of Lisbon I get really exited to leave, everything looks so pittoresk and charming there. If you already went there, give me some tips please (they are often more interesting than the guide books)! 

I'm taking my flight tomorrow at Schiphol, witch is in Amsterdam, so on our way back we will stay there for a short stay witch is not surten yet (it depends of or balance).

So I wan't blog for maybe 2 weeks but when I'll be come back, I will have a lot to pooooost !!!!


zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Couleur café 2013

Hier je suis allée chercher mon bulletin de fin d'année, et je suis plutôt contente du résultat! ---> 70% 
Je suis prette à entamer ma 5ème latijn-grec d'ici 2 mois donc tout va bien :D

veste - ZARA ; blouse - H&M

Après la school je suis partie à Couleur café toute seule (et oui mon amie m'a fait faux-plans) pour fêter ça. Au début je ne savais pas trop comment m'y prendre, le fait d'y aller toute seule c'est bizarre quand même. Mais waw quoi! Du début jusqu'à la fin j'étais en compagnie de gens géniaux et ça a été une expérience vachement cool à vivre. 

Aloe Blacc 

Plat Jamaïcain

J'ai rencontré des gens d'Anvers, de Lille, de Bruxelles même... mais la plus belle rencontre était celle d'Emmanuel qui vient de la Louisiane. Avec ce gars j'ai eu mal au ventre de rire!! Et comme il n'est ici que depuis 1 ans et qu'il travail au shape (une base d'air Américaine), on a du parler américain.

Franchement quand j'était allé l'année passée avec 6 personnes et là toute seule, je me suis largement amusée autant (si pas plus d'ailleurs). Enfin soit, je suis contente de ne pas être une coincée du culs sinon je me serais dégonflée et restée à la maison, tout ça à cause d'une meuf qui fait faux-plans...


maandag 24 juni 2013

Summer plans

FINALLY !! My school year is done! Just my exams in fact. Friday I'll have to go back to school to get my results, but it is a relief that it is over.
I've got some plans for the holidays like going to Lissabon, to Amsterdam, to Düsseldorf, watching a lot of films, geting a flat belly, going to festivals, seeing my friends and family, and blogging a lot. Oh yeah, I want to change the lay-out of my blog, I would like it to be whiter to make a better easy-view. I will see...

T-shirt - ZARA
pants - ZARA
pumps - GUESS
Watch - MK


vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Actaon and Diana

Hi guys! This is the result of al long day filming a myth for Latin classes. It was very fun to do !
Tomorrow we will have to present it in the classroom, that will be laughing (and get shamed).

I already show you the trailer