zondag 14 april 2013

Great baby-sitting experience in Swiss

Hi everyone, I've spend the last two weeks in Swiss baby-sitting on lovely kidies.
In fact I've received a mail, from a couple I met last year, to watch there three children during the  Easter holidays. I was so exited about it !!! I really saw how hard it is to care of three such little children, but I also learned much about it and had a great time with them. I had to care of Aude (3,5), Elise and Romain (2)--> twins. I was called 'la grande Elise' and the baby 'la petite Elise'.
There was a weekend that I had to care of 5 children because there where friend coming with there 2 kids Simon (4,5) and Hugues (8). Or when another friend came with her daughter Eva (2,5).

Simon - Hugues


A little souvenir shop

My gift from the parents of Simon and Hugues

I still can't believe I've met so kind people !


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Dankjewel !
    Wat een ontzettend leuke ervaring lijkt me dat, je kan dan ook vast erg goed frans !

  2. Erg mooie foto's. Ik volg je nu, volg je terug? xx